Four golfing buddies are commencing their Saturday game. As the first man begins, the other three are bragging on their progeny.

The first golfer describes his successful son: "He started out as a carpenter, worked his way up and became a builder. He's made money hand over fist! He was so successful last year, in fact, that he gave a friend a house."

The second golfer replies. "Well, my son started out as a car salesman and did so well he ended up owning the dealership. Then he bought a second and a third and now he owns the largest string of dealerships in the Southeast. He's done so well he gave a friend a car!"

Golfer number three counters, "My son has worked his way up from the mailroom of a stockbroker to owning the agency. He made over a million dollars last year and gave a friend a pile of stocks and bonds worth thousands of dollars!"

As they joined the fourth golfer on the green, he asked what they'd been talking about. "Oh, our successful sons!" replied one. "By the way, how's your boy?"

"Well," he replied, "he's still a hairdresser, that's what he's done for 15 years now. I just found out he's homosexual and that took a little adjustment for all of us. But he's my son and I love him. Besides, he's got three rich boyfriends; one gave him a house, one gave him a car, and one gave him a pile of stocks and bonds."

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