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I Love You My School Girl

Ho My heart is Full Of Strange Thoughts
You are a precious yellow stone
ho what a women you are
I love you My School Girl

I wanted you as my princess for my castel
I want a world having only you and me
you are like a deer having milk colored
sometimes you behave as like a white tiger

Your Hairs are like Black clouds
Your eyes are like black pearl
your lips are like hopeless fruits
I love you My school girl

i talked to you several times
but i can't show my buring fire
which was killing me daily
I love you My School Girl

God gave you good look
But he made me as like a puppet
you have milk skin
But i have a mud skin

someone said you love someone
I told i can't believe it
But when i saw you with your boy friend
I flatted ,I Cryed

But it is your way
How in the world i can see a girl like her again
you are so sweet and neat
But I have only meat in mine

I love you My School Girl
You are... a swift bird
You are Gone Too Soon
But i go anywhere
May the World so small

One day i will meet you
I will say that I loved you
But i won't Hurt you
Why God Made me to love her