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Story Of Two Lovers

It was a love story
the story of two lovers,
a unique, and
an unfortunable love story,

The story, first whereof
is the climax
and, start of which
never been started.

They quarrel, they cajole,
they laugh at each other
they talk for hours and hours turned in years.

But what they kept for each other,
the expression that disappears.

Their life passed
in fighting, in laughter
and showing all the time
that the connection was lighter.

They didn’t ever bring
on face to face,
the perception they hold
for each other, at the base.

They learnt each other’s feeling
But never learnt to express the feeling of their own.

One day
With the time,
the guy goes to see her,
but came back with only
the heart broke,
the killer wave
ruined the guy’s world.
The world seemed to be shrinking
and the guy was hurted.

The guy was no more,
the story was no more,
the girl is busy with her own life,

The story that took years to evolve
and still not start,
finished in no time
all of sudden
just costing one heart

Thus happened the finish
Of the Love Story
the story,
that never been started………….