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I Said I loved You, Darling

I said I loved you, Darling,
And gave you all my heart.
Yet you chose to leave our love behind,
You chose for us to part.

What else can I say, My Love?
I know this language well.
Was it the words of love I spoke?
Or was it the words I didn't tell?

For if that's the way I failed,
And you chose to leave that day --
I'm sorry, My Love . . .
What else can I say?

Life without love,
An emaciated life that is, if life at all,
For lack of love soon hate turns to,
With spirit detached and passion subdued,
For with life am I no longer enthralled.

believed in the one perfect moment.
love arriving gently with the spirit,
lasting, true and free.

I believed in the one perfect answer,
yes to every thing good and right,
solace in the wretched night.

I believed in one perfect heart,
bringing trust, understanding and kindness,
noble in the Godless world.

I believed in the one perfect love,
Wings of heart to soar upon,
random, fateful, then was gone.

You told me that you loved me
It seemed easy for you to say
But you failed to prove it
The first time temptation
Came your wayYou told me we would last forever
And I believed your words were true
But the words that you had spoken
Seemed to have been forgotten by you.