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Allow Me to Love You

I can’t allow myself
to written out from your life,
“all I want is to be loved
wanting to be loved,
to be lovable,
is not really a desire for how I want to be…….

I need your heart
and your eyes and
your ears
and your touch and
your words.
I want you to see me
and hear me,
and feel me and speak to me
and love me……….

life has always two ways,
but when I choose
a way to go ahead,
it always turn to your side,
means all my way has
stopped at you,
where should I go?

All I need to be love….,
I need your presence in my eyes,
as you always present in my heart
and in my soul.
Lets say you are mine,
n come let me
say that you are mine,
I allow myself
to accept this fact completely,
I choose to use my own mind,
I need to experience you,
I want to feel you,
I have already heard everything what I have to say………..

for me you are, what are my poems…….

Pls. Let me allow to love you