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If kisses were water, I will give u sea. If hugs were leaves, I will give u a
tree.If u luv a planet, I will give u a galaxy, if friendship is life I will give u

If I were to be anything in this world…. I’d be ur tears!!!… So, I can be
conceived in ur heart, born in ur eyes, live on ur cheeks & die on ur lips!!!!!

If u r a chocolate ur the sweetest, if u r a Teddy Bear u r the most huggable,
If u are a Star u r the Brightest, and since u r my “FRIEND” u r the

In my life I learned how… 2 love 2 smile 2 be happy 2 be strong 2 work hard 2
be honest 2 be faithful 2 forgive but I couldn’t learn how.. 2 stop rembering u.

I have seen angels in the sky… I have seen snowfall in july… I have seen things
u only imAgine to see… But I haven’t seen anything sweeter than u.

If I m in hell & u in heaven, I always look up & be proud of u. but if I were
In heaven & u in hell, I beg God 2 send me down coz heaven wont be heaven without u.

If I could pull down the rainbow I would write ur name with it & put it back in
the sky to let everybody know how colourful my life is with a friend like u!!

Kiss is not like Nokia...Connecting People
Kiss is not like Nike..Just Do It.
Kiss is not like Pepsi..Yeh Dil Maange More
But Kiss is like Pan Parag..Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga

Knowing a friend like u has made me happy in a million ways And if Ever I Have
to Let you go………..I would Find a million reasons to make u stay!!!!

Love hurts when you break up with some one. Hurts even more when someone breaks up
with you But love hurts the most when the person, you love has no idea how you feel.

Love is like war...
Easy to start...
Difficult to end...
Impossible to forget

Love is Pure
Love is Sure
Love is sweet poison
that Doctors can't cure

Life is 4 u, death is 4 me, being happy is 4 u, being sad is 4 me, being
together is 4 u, being lonely is 4 me, everything 4 u but u r 4 me.

Never stop ur smile even when u r sad, bcoz u never know who's falling in love with
ur smile. For d world u may b a person but 4 sum1 u may b the world.

No matter
If the sky is black or blue
No matter
If there are stars or moon
As long as ur heart is true
Sweet dreams will always be wit u.
Gd Nite!

Never say ur happy when ur sad… never say ur fine when ur not ok… never say u
feel good when u feel bad… and never say ur alone when I m still alive.

On this cold cold nite
in My small small rOOm
i Look At The Brite Brite StArS
iN tHe DaRk DaRk sKy
& DrEaM of uR sWeet sWeet SmiLe
on ur CuTe CuTe FaCe!

Our friendship means a lot 2 me.
U cry i cry.U lauf i lauf.
U jump out of the window...
I look down & then... i lauf again

One day u will ask me: What is more important to you, me or your life? I will
say: my life… You will walk away from me without knowing that U R MY LIFE!!!

Roses are red, voilets are blue
Donkeys like you, are kept in Zoo

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